Nov. 10, 2018


I feel like I've spent a lot of time thinking about making games, but it seems I've actually made relatively few. The ones I have made tend to be educational, which I guess makes sense given the site's purpose.

Survive and evolve

I've made many evolution simulations (see here and here for example), but I've always wanted to make an evolution-inspired game. Whenever I've tried, they seem to have morphed into simulations as I tried to make them more realistic, and so remove all the elements where people get to make choices in favour of random mutations and natural selection.

In the game you play a primordial cell which you move around the screen, collecting ATP, amino acids, and nucleotides. To complete a level you need to collect enough nucleotides to duplicate your genome without running out of energy.

During the game you use the amino acids you've collect to synthesise proteins to maintain your cell, to help you move, to increase the rate of protein production, and to replicate your DNA. In later levels you there are toxins and viruses for you to avoid.

Survive and Evolve screenshot.png

The Janitor of Glinar TeK

The Janitor of Glinar TeK is a point-and-click game in which you play someone going undercover as a janitor at a mysterious organisation. The game is set in a square world as a parody of the many games on KA where your character is a square. The game involves a lot of silly jokes, a lot of them very geeky. It also has a lot of hints about the story's final twist which you hopefully won't notice unless you play the game twice.

The Janitor of Glinar Tek screenshot.png

Hacker puzzle

In Hacker puzzle you have a terminal window and you have to hack your way into InCompiTech's computer system. It's probably not a very realistic representation of hacking, but it's a lot closer than you'd see in a Hollywood film. The terminal has a lot of same commands you'd find on a Unix terminal with a few Windows-like elements. To complete the game you have to figure out how the system is setup and how to exploit its weaknesses.

Hacker puzzle screenshot.png

Fraction card game

Fraction card game is a game where you have cards showing various fractions (halves, thirds, quarters, sixths and twelfths) and you have to make sets that sum to one. I'm not the best at coming up with names for games.

Initially, I was thinking of some sort of poker- or mahjong-like game, but in the end, I came up with a Solitaire version. I think a version of poker could work. I'm tempted to print the cards and a make real version as I think it works quite well. The only difficulty would be the scoring system, which is pretty complex, designed to give bonus points for more complex sums.

Fraction card game screenshot.png

Stock market simulation

Stock market simulation is yet another game that is more of a simulation. There are various stocks which you can buy and sell, and that's basically it. It did make it a bit more interesting with four analysis that try to predict what will happen with various degrees of accuracy, and a news feed that records what's happened and hints at what might happen. It's quite fun to play, but seems a bit slow. It might have been more fun if you had to trade in real time.

Stock market simulation screenshot.png

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