Peter Collingridge

This my personal site where I host some tools I've made, tutorials I've written and various other things I've experimented with.

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Explaining how to make fun things because, if nothing else, it helps me understand them.


This is a collection of blog posts about various things I've made or thought about. In some cases, I've collected several related posts together or split up a large post into a collection of smaller ones.


I've made various javascript tools, some because I needed them, others just for fun, or just to learn how things work. I've put some of them online in case they are useful to other people, but I can't guarantee that any of them actually work. My SVG optimiser is currently hosted here.


I'm a freelance programmer. I mainly make interactive images using Javascript, SVG and the HTML5 canvas. If you would like to hire me, then please contact me.


Sept. 29, 2019
Atoms, melting and freezing
Sept. 29, 2019
Science for kids
April 9, 2019
Create category colours