15 Jan 2019 Code on Github


Codewords are one of my favourite styles of puzzle. It's a crossword in which every letter has been replaced by a number. You have to figure out which number corresponds to which letter. Every letter appears at least once.

I found this example in a book. Rather than write in the book or copy the grid with pen and paper, I thought I'd make a grid tool which, when you add a letter, would fill out the grid with all copies of that letter. Just click on a box and type a letter.

In retrospect it's less fun than writing in the letters myself and I ended up missing half words. Still, it was a fun experiment with Vue and I learnt several new techniques.

The puzzle

{{ number }}

These are the numbers you have decoded.

{{ number }}

These are the letters you have yet to use.

{{ letter }}

To do

  • Make sure styling works on mobile (using flex-box?).
  • Make it easy to create new grids.
  • Show letter frequencies?