Evolving some Christmas colour

8 Dec 2009

Having spent so long evolving grey scale images, I thought I’d see how much harder it is to evolve a colour image using the same method (described here). Since it’s now approaching Christmas, I thought I’d try to evolve a Christmas scene, which could perhaps be used on a Christmas card. I spent some time searching for a sufficiently simple scene with a good range of colours, but in the end I just drew a Christmas tree and present.

Christmas tree and present image evolved from circles

After more half a million generations, the image made from 256 circles had evolved to form the above. Since the image is small, the program didn’t take too long to reach 500,000 generations and the simple shapes meant that a good approximation to the target image was reached. The main issue was that due to some flaw in my program, the red and blue colours have become reversed: the pot is supposed to be red and the present blue. I’ll try to fix that and maybe create a more complex target image.