Developer diary 3

1 Oct 2009

16th February 2005

... gave me lots of time to finally get my new heterocyst program up and running. It's a little complicated to get an initial regulatory system up and running so I might try and evolve one from scratch, though it could take a long time. Especially now the program takes even longer to run. Still, we shall see. Or at least, I shall see and probably tell you all about it. It has quite a nice and realistic transcription interaction algorithm. The program is currently running with a 2% mutation rate to give me lots of diversity to work with. I'd still like to run the previous program from scratch to see which mutations occur again and if its rate of improvement is the same. All experiments need to be replicated.

17th February 2005

Interesting (to me) development of heterocyst data visualisation techniques. It involves me drawing graph type things pixel by pixel in Paint. Fun.

Thankful I have improved my programming skills since then and can now automatically create these images as SVGs, so can avoid having to use Paint.

18th February 2005

I really wish I had two laptops. One to run the program the other to analyse the data. It seems such a waste to do one when I could be doing the other.

I still wish that I had a computer dedicated to number crunching. Maybe one day.