I worked as a freelance programmer from 2013 - 2018. My work often involved building interactive images, often 3D to give users (students or clients) a better feel for what they're working with.

For most of my time as a freelancer I worked for the education site Khan Academy, first building dynamic maths exercises, and later interactive explorations. I created all the interactive elements for their partnerships with NASA and Pixar. I'm hope to write in detail about some of the programs I made for those courses shortly.

I have also worked freelance for a consulting company, writing code to generate high quality 3D SVG image for the logistics industry. This includes interactive SVGs that allow users to rotate different packaging options in 3D, and code that can generated a 3D image of a folded box from a 2D net.

In addition I have done some data analysis and visualisations on cryptocurrencies for a couple of different people.


I have also been known to use VB.NET, Google Apps Scripts and Vue.js when necessary. For this blog I used Django2 and Wagtail2.